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Language Barrier 11 3, 10:55pm

With Sweden it would be like:

[Sister America] - Tack!
[Sweden] *Oh She's american! i should speak English to make it easier for her and do everything in my power to avoid misunderstanding!!*
- You welcome! Now how can i help you?
[Sister America] *i want to speak Swedish to be better*
- vart är hotellet?
[sweden] *shitshitshit maybe she doesn't speak English?! Swedish is obviously hard for her. I should probably try easier english?!?!*
- Yes, The hotel. That way. I show?
[Sister America] *what a show off!* walks away.
[Sweden] *puh that was close! Well i hope she understood. This was a good day!*

If you're swede, you know i am right ;)