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Language Barrier 11 3, 11:47pm

@darniil @cmoschata Fun fact : I know a couple from Quebec (French-speaking Canada) who hardly succeeded to order in a restaurant in Paris because the waiter didn't understood his canadian way of speaking, so you can imagine how it's hard for us to understand another language, after all we are considered as one of the worst country in the world in english learning. ^^ There is only one exception : generally restaurants near the border know several languages (for example nearly swiss border, german, or italian in the south-east) because they have some cultural attachement with the neighboorhood.

And actually for Paris there just a little difference what you experienced and the whole France. We, french, can be rude, ofter by awkwardness, and I can't speak for french people who lived in 80's but we really evolved now in the last 25 years. HOWEVER in France everybody know that waiters in Paris restaurants are rude and impolite (of course there are always some exceptions). ^^