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Mother's Day Card 26 3, 7:29pm

As an American: it probably depends a little on your heritage. On one side, my family goes back about nine generations here, to before the Founding, and we were British on that side before we were American (my apologies, however little they may mean, to the Pequot tribe).

In our current state as a nation, though, France is probably America's ideological mother, in a way, since that's where the majority of our Founders' national ideology was developed - in salons and the like. Germany and its siblings gave us a lot of religious ideology, so it translates for many modern-day Americans into the parent of many of our national and family holidays, but I see this as more of a paternal role, and perhaps an adoptive one.

Likewise, Father Britain I would see as the ex of at least one of America's parents, who later came back into our lives via our involvement in WWII, and taught us a bunch of bad habits we now unfortunately revere out of a not-wholly misguided respect for them.

I would personally credit China as also being the nation's Karmic ancestor, since we're in many ways the same kind of Empire that China once was - which I see us as now being on the decline - but that's just my opinion.

On the other hand, it's entirely possible America is just the result of an incestuous, multi-national orgy. That IS more or less what we look like, but the traits I mentioned above seem to have most prominently risen to the surface.