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Mother's Day Card 30 3, 6:43am

France isn't Americas mother. She's his oldest and best friend. She was the woman who came and helped America stand up for himself when Papa England was being rude and completely ignoring America to instead watch birds. She helped him fight back, and even threw a few punches at England herself (she wanted to anyway, but America wanting to be his own man was a good excuse)

Oh yeah, they are almost constantly at each others throats, love to insult and make fun of each other, but when shit happens to France, America WILL come running to help, and beat the living shit out of whoever is picking on her. And even if he doesn't do it immediately, he will work in the shadows to make sure she always comes out on top.

Hell, Americas most valued and famous landmark is literally a statue given to America by France, and Americans love most everything French.

I'm also pretty certain there have been times when they almost started dating, but ended up not because of silly shit.