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Bye Bye England and Friends 31 3, 9:36am

@tulpoeid Agreed. Part of why I really disliked 'Trumping' America, is because the same characters represent their countries through all of time. Heck, Norway looked the same back when it was shedding landmass to create Denmark. The only time I can think of the countries dressing differently are Nazi Germany (only used for specific jokes, otherwise Germany is stable) and one comic where you showed Sweden and Denmark in different war outfits to represent all the fighting over the years.

Making America into Trump, and covering current events regularly, has made the comic lose it's timeless commentary, or at least it's more relaxed cultural approach. Furthermore, these comics tend to be one-sided. Before, everyone would wind up the butt of the joke, sometimes in the same comic. Now it's feeling less like these are countries as a whole, and more like this is a website for contemporary political cartoons. And while that's not a bad thing, it's not the thing that brought me here. There's plenty of places where people satirize modern political events, but the little history lessons, and the good-natured ribbing of other cultures was a lot more unique. And that seems to be disappearing.