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Bye Bye England and Friends 31 3, 2:41pm

@tulpoeid I completely understand where you are coming from. The shift from timeless entertainment (and education) to current affairs commentary is obvious and not why we came here for. (We still may enjoy it, or not, or don't care, but it probably wasn't the main draw for most of us).

However, I think Humon as the artist is perfectly allowed to do however she sees fit, and if she wants to use her medium for political commentary it should be fine with us - as such, doesn't mean we have to like the direction specifically. Many people do so, some for better, some for worse. But as for the oft-heard (not by you, I am generalizing here) reasoning "your job is to entertain us, stop bringing your issues, be they political or social, into it" - well, that would stop almost all of us from stating our opinion, since almost nobody here probably is a career politician or editor of a newspaper.