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Bye Bye England and Friends 31 3, 4:51pm

@Sines I agree with you. Bring back history-based SatW and tone down the amount of current events based SatW. These characters are the personifications of their countries as a whole, not representations of how current events would have looked like if it were played out by individuals that represent the countries in that event. Well okay, SatW is a bit of that too. But there has simply been way to much of that as of late. Where is the nods to Sweden's and Denmark's wars? Where is the historical events converted into the daily life of these characters? Where is the complicated relationships between characters, based on the stances various countries have to each other?
Where is... where is the verry soul of these comics? That is really the question I'm asking here.
Whilst it is quite entertaining to learn of current events via a comedical media that's not what I signed up here for. I do realise that finding historical events that both fit the comic and don't contradict set characteristics mustn't be an easy task and that such events are finite. However I still feel like there most likely could be more digging around for such things to be done for these comics. I mean you can't have run out of stuff already Humon. Have you? Please don't tell me you have. And if so, could you give us some more slice-of-life and fun-fact based comics again please?