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Bye Bye England and Friends 1 4, 8:32am


Censorship comes in more forms then you pretend - it's not only a question of "shutting down" websites.

Any pressure asserted on people to NOT express their opinion is a form of censorship and this is always how the governmental censorship you think of starts - by people like Keichwoud putting pressure on others to not express their views because they personally don't agree with them.

The US has had a lot of this from religious groups trying to suppress opinions and views they don't agree with - censorship doesn't have to come from a governmental body at all.

But any governmental censorship can't be enforced without a widespread popular belief that some ideas and opinions should not be allowed to be expressed and Keichwoud is enforcing that belief right here.

And he's absolutely not simply "politely" asking as you claim. We all know what "politely" looks like and this ain't it.

No, he clearly shows he doesn't value Humons freedom of speech at all but is simply interested in suppressing opinions that are unpleasant for him to see expressed.

He doesn't have the legal authority to shut down her site and he doesn't seem to want to either. He seems happy to come here and enjoy free comics - he "only" want he to censor herself so he doesn't have to see opinions expressed he doesn't agree with.

And that's not only extremely rude - it's also pressuring Humon to give up he freedom of speech to satisfy his personal wants and that's completely undemocratic.