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Bye Bye England and Friends 1 4, 7:04pm


Once again - this is not just "Expressing a mild difference of opinion" like you pretend - he's clearly admonishing Humon to stop expressing her opinion. And that is per definition what censorship is.
I provided a link to Wikipedia already - go read up on it.

His freedom of speech gives him the right to say what he himself likes or dislikes - but it does NOT give him the right to pressure others to give up their rights to express their opinions.

There is no need for any force to be involved - just the very notion that he believes he has the right to tell others they shouldn't exercise their freedom of speech is per definition undemocratic.
As I said he doesn't have the power to actually suppress Humons freedom of speech so instead he tries to pressure her into self-censoring herself. Here's Wikipedias page on self-censoring:

You and him and people like you obviously haven't thought this through at all.
You clearly don't understand the basic difference here between expressing YOUR opinion on something and prescribing actions for OTHERS.