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Bye Bye England and Friends 2 4, 10:33am


Nice deflect.

[Well actually it's "her" opinion - tulpoeid is a woman - and you're "white knighting" to her defense here I see.

Since that's obviously your buzzword for any man defending any woman.]
I believe you helped me here. I was not paying any mind about gender since white knighting is not exclusive to any particular gender. So me doing this because tulp is female falls flat as I did not realize she was a female. Thank you for pointing that out to me.

[I know you intended it as an insult against me, but I'm not effected by buzzword-nonsense like that.
But apparently you think it's an insult so I just thought I should point out that you just "white knighted" yourself into this discussion. ;-)]
Not really, but at this point I don't care. If you see peoples intentions so clearly, please, don't let my skepticism hold you back.

[Regarding you "argument" it's a ridiculous one.

Tulpoeid should be free to criticize Humon for drawing what she damn well pleases in her own comic on her own site - but I shouldn't be allowed to criticize tulpoeid for criticizing Humon?

Or in other words - when people say what you agree with they are protected by freedom of speech, but when people say something you don't want to hear they should just stop "white knighting" and shut up.

Yeah - that's not actually democracy but fascism you're advocating for there buddy..]
And this is why you fall flat on your face. Reading into things a bit too much aren't we?
I never advocated against criticism on criticism. I am criticizing your method of criticizing, or in other words, being kind enough to point out you are taking things way too far. More proof right here in front of us with you accusing me of advocating for fascism.

[Also I of course never actually criticized tulpoeid for criticizing Humons choice of topic as you claim. ]
Reading into things again are we? Let's see what I said.
"tulpoeid has every right to give his opinion on the direction of the comic and it's artist"
Is it this bit? Because that is what they were talking about. But let's continue to read what I said.
"He himself is a fan and he can raise whatever concern he has with the comic".
Hmm... where would this be relevant?
[Instead I criticized her for thinking she has the right to tell Humon what to draw or not.]

[Because there is of course an absolute difference between offering YOUR opinion on something and prescribing actions for other]
I absolutely 100% agree here.

["I didn't like that drawing" is fine while "You shouldn't draw that" is not]
Both are fine as long as you can come up with a reason for it if asked. They were giving their feedback as a fan.

[Tulpoeid also actually ended her comment with:

"And at best they offer personal opinions."

WTF!?! Well of course they do! ]
I'll give you that, I did not really understand what they were trying to get across there :/

[Every single comic Humon or any other cartoon artist has ever drawn offers their personal opinion on anything! That's how cartoons work - they are the expression of the personal opinion of the artist making them!]

[But tulpoeid obviously don't want Humon to offer her personal opinion - she wants her to suppress that personal opinion and thereby give up her freedom of speech to satisfy tulpoeid's wishes.]
I think you are reading to much into things. What happened to: [Because there is of course an absolute difference between offering YOUR opinion on something and prescribing actions for other.]?
They are offering their feedback and they themselves are dissatisfied. Do you believe that if they were actually making the demand for Humon to only draw what they wished, that Humon would actually do it?

[Which is not OK in any way at all, because that's simply undemocratic.]
We are on the internet. No one is suppressing anybody here.

[If you don't like Humons comics you're free to complain about them and I'm free to call that whining - because that's what it is.]
Wouldn't that just mean you are whining in return?

[But if you pass the line from whining to actually trying to tell Humon what she should or shouldn't draw comics about or tell her she should suppress her personal opinion to suit you tastes you're actually attacking the very idea of freedom of speech itself and thereby democracy.]
Yet again I think you are reading too much into things here. You are bringing big words such as fascism and democracy into play here where they have no relevancy. No one is forcing Humon to do anything. Feedback is being offered here and it is a negative one.

[And no amount of your ridiculous little "white knight" nonsense is going to stop me from point that out. OK? ]
Ok. You da boss.