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Bye Bye England and Friends 2 4, 6:05pm


Actually pressing a writer or cartoonist to give up their freedom of speech by not expressing their opinions is the very definition of censorship - as anyone can clearly see in the Wikipedia-links I offered.

You just don't agree with that definition because you in this case agree with Keichwoud's wish that Humon should suppress her opinions.

Your standard isn't objective or reasonable at all, but predicated on this precise situation. There can be no doubt in any reasonable persons mind that you would advocate for a completely different standard in a different situation - just as long as the end results suits you personal taste.

No, I or anyone else telling people like Keichwoud or you to respect Humons right to free speech isn't censoring anyone. Because it can never be censoring or undemocratic to tell people to respect peoples democratic rights.
Democracy has the right to defend itself against people attacking it and attacks on democracy warrants no democratic protection.

Intolerance against intolerance is not a fault but a virtue.