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Bye Bye England and Friends 2 4, 7:34pm

[Your young and ignorant and I didn't even bother to read more then half your reply this time because it's just a waste of my time.]
How mature of you to point out.

[Again with the infantile buzzwords you here clearly shows this is just a game to you. You don't have any actually thought trough convictions on this matter - you're just trying to prove your "da Boss" to use your own words. Maybe you'll grow wiser as you grow older and realize what a little twat you where when you where this age or maybe you'll continue to be a twat with no deeper understanding of the world and just enjoy feeling like "da Boss" online then too. I don't know and I don't care, but you just proved this is just a game to you - just as I said before.]
I am not the one going around calling someone a twat and pretending just because I am older, I know any better. I don't even know if you are younger and older, but from your approach, you are trying to sound older (and failing). If anything, you are the one that has come out on the ad hominem side of this. You have been focusing far more on my character than you have on this whole argument. You are just digging your own grave here Nisse.

[Your disagreement don't mean shit because this is not up for debate.]
Neither does your then.

[There can NEVER be any such thing as "legitimate criticism" against someone "showing her own opinion" as you write here - that's per definition undemocratic!
There is nothing more to add - you simply don't understand basic democratic principles.]
Nothing here is per definition undemocratic. You have gone and hijacked the meaning now and twisted it so that you think it means "whoever disagrees with me, I am on the democratic side and the other one is never". It seems to me that you yourself don't understand democratic principles. Try again.

[So in your mind democratic rules don't apply everywhere.]
In my mind, democratic would apply everywhere, but that is but a mere wish. The reality is that they actually don't apply everywhere, and I can admit that. If I walked into a barber shop and I heard someone criticizing their barber for accidentally cutting the wrong type of lock, should I start flinging at the person all I know about "democracy" and "democratic values" and how they are "oppressing" the barber? No, I would not.

[Again - this is not up for debate. Democracy is a moral imperative that should be universally respected by everyone, everywhere, always.
The fact that you don't only lends credence to everything else I've said so far - you've either not thought this through at all or you're basically a fascist.]
You are approaching Godwin's law mate.
No, nothing you have said has shown that you have more credence. You are just trying to take some kind of moral high ground where it does not apply to the argument. This is pretending that democracy had some kind of play here in criticism. And you went as far as to give the idea that I am a fascist. How mature of you. You are just digging your own grave.

[I'm the forgiving kind so I chose to think you're just young and ignorant and full of shit. Let's hope you grow wiser with age because people like you are the one's that elected Donald Trump in the US and thinks he's doing a terrific job right now attacking every democratic institution in the country.]
How forgiving. You "chose to think" that I am "young and ignorant and full of shit" shows how full of shit you yourself are ;P. But that sounds totally "forgiving".
And now you are bringing Donald Trump into this discussion. Relevancy? You are the one who is twisting everything here and taking this towards your own insanity. If anything, I can just say that it is because of people like you that Donald Trump got elected. With your extremism, you have pushed people right into his hands. Thanks a lot.

[PS. Before you complain about me calling your young and stupid you should read this:]
Nothing about this supports your argument that I am "young and ignorant and stupid". Your own ad hominems.

[Your brain isn't actually fully developed yet and on top of that you haven't had time to read up on the facts and experience the world as an older person has.]
Wow, agist much? My brain has not fully developed enough, but that only says a lot more about yours, since you are falling so flat on your face in front of an "ignorant, stupid, young child".

[Ask any +40-year old around you and they tell you they're ambarrased about a lot of things they thought, said or did when they where your age. If they have matured that is. Not all people do as they grow older, but let's hope you do. ]
Jesus Christ man. I have never seen anybody take things to such an insane side in an argument :P. I am sorry that you suffer from inferiority complex. I am assuming here, like you have been doing this entire time now.
But I know enough 40+ who would both say they regret some things they did in the past and things they did not regret.

You have no sort of relevancy at all, do you Nisse? Thank you for handing me this argument *Bows*