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Bye Bye England and Friends 3 4, 12:46am

["[Also, the notion that you believe democratic rules don't apply everywhere is chilling - you're apparently prime for a Trump-style candidate.]

Baseless accusation that you can not back up. Try again."

That's right after I quoted you as saying about democratic rules:

"The reality is that they actually don't apply everywhere, and I can admit that."]
You brought in Trump, said I was for a Trump-style candidate. That is a baseless accusation that you tied into your democratic argument.
Try again. You keep stumbling.

[You JUST said democratic rules don't apply everywhere but the next second you claim me commenting on that fact is an "Baseless accusation"!]
How is me being for a Trump-style candidate a fact? Again, baseless accusation.
Come on, bring an actual challenge, it is really cringy to see you beating yourself up like this with your baseless accusations.

[Yes - you really are prime Trump-material. ]
No, I am not. You just came up with a baseless accusation. You can shove it up your rear end as you can't back it up.

[You will lie with a straight face about the very thing you JUST said yourself and I quoted back to you in the very same comment. That's Trump-level lying right there. ]
No, you just turned it into one with your own "facts" and "logic". My fault that someone is making a baseless accusation? No. You began by involving Trump into this, then calling me a Trump supporter and then saying that I am like Trump, without any sort of backing. Sorry, try again.

You can do better than that, right? Or is this really all you have?