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Bye Bye England and Friends 3 4, 2:34am


The EU is single-handedly bringing the world economy down with its mess. The Euro is killing countries like Greece, Italy and Spain for the benefit of Germany. The EU's technocratic elite keeps trying to amass more and more power to bypass the democratic will of the people. The EU completely bungled the migrant crisis and now wants to force migrants upon countries that do not want them. The EU's imperialist expansionist policy notably in Ukraine (where it cultivated a coup to remove a government judged not EU-friendly enough) is creating needless frictions with Russia and leading to conflicts.

The EU is an absolute monster, if it can't be deeply reformed to remove the technocrats' hold on power, it should just die. Of course, the eurocrats have waged a propaganda war to equate in the minds of people Europe and the EU, to convince them that the EU is the only rampart against a new world war, and it's absolute BS. Nevertheless, many of the young who have been raised in this indoctrination campaign believe these lies, they believe that without the EU, they won't be able to visit other European countries, the European economies will collapse and war will occur again in Europe. All of these are baseless claims to hide the face that the EU is killing democracy and creating a new imperial, expansionist power in the world, representing the greatest single threat to world stability.