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Bye Bye England and Friends 3 4, 2:40am

@Hyporia That's right. Nationalism has caused a lot of horrible problems in the world; it divides people along arbitrary lines, it makes us hate and want to murder our neighbors, and a big part of it is deciding who doesn't belong.

In Yugoslavia, one existing nation split into three because the three groups present hated sharing a country with people who spoke different languages and practiced different faiths. As a result, as soon as all three of those groups had their own armies, they started genociding each-other in a mad frenzy. It might just be because of the unique history my own country (my country has hundreds of different ethnic and cultural groups sharing a single country together, has birthright citizenship, and was almost torn apart in a violent and bloody civil war when one group tried to go independent in order to deny the humanity of another group), but personally I do not agree with self-determinism. Having your own language or culture isn't enough to give you the right to your own country.

Nationalism denies our shared humanity.