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Bye Bye England and Friends 3 4, 11:21am

'@Nisse'_Hult I read the links. It talks of brutal suppression of governments and political bodies on the right of people to express their minds. Somehow, mild requests to change topic got left out of that article.

You have put up ridiculous hysteria as your reasoning. "Any pressure asserted on people to NOT express their opinion is a form of censorship and this is always how the governmental censorship you think of starts - by people like Keichwoud putting pressure on others to not express their views because they personally don't agree with them." I guess Humon should expect government censors any day now? Someone asked her to go back to her other comics, and now governmental censorship starts?

And then the personal attacks: "There can be no doubt in any reasonable persons mind that you would advocate for a completely different standard in a different situation - just as long as the end results suits you personal taste."? You don't know me and I don't know you, so this is just speculation about what you think I would do. As it happens, I believe strongly in the freedom of speech-- including the speech saying "I don't like how this comic is going."

You still have avoided the entire point that Humon owns this board, and as it is her property she can ban him if she doesn't like what he says. That is her right. If she is troubled by what he says, she has the final word on everything that happens on this site. You have no answer for this, so we can move on.

But hey, no hard feelings: as a courtesy to the losing side, I will let you have the last word. Tell us one more time about how a mild request from an internet poster to move on to different material is identical to government thugs kicking your door in for speaking your mind. Maybe this time it will stick.