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Bye Bye England and Friends 4 4, 3:04am


[Apparently nothing in your case - which you continue to show of with such delight.]
Ahhh, the butthurt is so apparent in your post <3

[You add nothing of substance here so there is no need for me to add anything else - your own words have already condemned you.]
Look who is talking. The guy who has not known what he has been talking about from the very start and derailed the point by going into Trump and fascism.
If there is anybody who has condemned themselves with their words, it would be you Nisse ;)

[But by all means - do keep on digging if you feel this is not enough. ]
I will always reply to your worthless ad hominems, baseless accusations and your alternative reality, as long as you keep on distorting reality. Your choice on whether you wish to keep digging yourself deeper and deeper. All I have done here is reply to your baseless accusations and your derailment. But go on, if you feel you need to derail this any further to try and smear people that point out your behavior and your lies, go on. I look forward to see what you can come up with next.