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Bye Bye England and Friends 5 4, 1:10am


Tulpoeid clearly went beyond expressing her personal opinion on the comic - if she had done just that, that would have been fine.
It's when she attacks Humon's work by saying about her comics that "at best they offer personal opinions" she crosses the line.

She's saying that Humon comics are less worthy now in her eyes then before since they now shows personal opinions tulpoeid happens to disagree with.
But every cartoon artist in history has always expressed personal opinions in their work - that's what comics are - the cartoon artist's personal take on the topic they draw.
And tulpoeid says she was just fine with that before - when Humons work didn't express opinions she disagreed with.
But now all of a sudden it's a problem for tulpoeid and many others on here - because they don't like to see comics that challenges their own personal opinions.
So now people start pressuring Humon to stop having or at least stop expressing her personal opinion - just so they don't have to see content that they disagree with.

And that is completely unacceptable from a basic democratic standpoint of course.

Humon get's to draw what ever she damn well pleases and if you don't like it you have the right to say so or leave if it's so intolerable to you to have your own opinions challenged in a comic.
But no one ever has the right to outright say or even imply that Humon shouldn't express her personal opinion or that her personal opinion has less value then the personal opinions her work challenges. That's attacking Humons right to freedom of speech and that's not acceptable at all.

That's the issue here.