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Bye Bye England and Friends 11 4, 5:45am

@Jonas_Hrafnagil Catching up on the back-catalogue and saw this, so it's a bit of a necro-post, but what the heck.

You have an immense amount of patience and goodwill. I can only imagine how frustrating repeatedly dealing with that condescending nonsense. Especially all that "you young folks just don't understand!" silliness coming from someone acting a great deal less mature.

Just wanted to chime in with appreciation for your willingness to engage with people stubbornly insulting others without good reason, and the measured way you did it too. There's not exactly a shortage of them out there, and it's refreshing to find this one already taken care of by someone capable enough.

Don't let the abrasiveness of some people grind down that good character of yours, or your willingness to push back. The world needs all the good people it can get these days brother.