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Hetalia Personality Swap 28 4, 6:29pm

@kobirita My mind works in strange ways for sure. But let's think about this.

Finland would go at aph Sweden with a knife and Sweden would end up looking intensely at Finland. Finland wouldn't know the difference between his Sweden and aph Sweden due to him not really caring and the similarities of appearance

Norway would be friendly to aph Denmark and aph Denmark would be scared beyond belief because aph Norway doesn't show him any emtions in general, let alone a happy one. Let's keep in mind that they don't know of the switch

Aph Iceland would be confused beyond belief but honestly just happy to not have to call Norway big brother

Aph Sealand would be in tears the first time Finland even glanced at him. He is used to a fatherly love from aph Finland and would probably end up with depression due to the switch.

Aph Estonia would be worried for his friend, and aph Russia would follow Estonia, however as soon as they got there, Finland would chase after them with a knife.

The rest of the aph world would be extremely surprised that aph Russia was scared of Finland.

Aph Belarus would be mad at Finland for chasing her brother and they would end up going into a very big knife fight.

America wearing England's shirt