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It's important to know what you like 19 5, 7:26am

@rphb funny, I'd say a lot of people would argue the other way around. I could argue that smarter people gravitate towards more diverse areas with more to see than the same things all the time, in the same small bubble. Or I could be reasonable and suggest that people of all intelligence levels live in all sorts of places, because that's how life works. That being said, one can be both smart and ignorant, and that often happens in places where you aren't exposed to a variety of cultures, views, people, situations, etc. Source: I'm (objectively) smart, have travelled extensively and lived in both rural and urban areas and met people from many different background and viewpoints and societies. I've seen brilliant rednecks and stupid scientists. Great people and awful people on both the 'left' and 'right'. Stereotyping doesn't get you anywhere, and neither does a superiority complex.