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It's important to know what you like 19 5, 12:48pm

@rphb What a stupid assertion. I don't know where you're from (I'll be damned if you're Danish), but in my country, the stupidest and most uneducated are very predominantly rural. Not to mention they tend to live in places with no "closeness to God." There is no majesty or beauty in their cornfields, grasslands, and oil-soaked rivers and bays.

How do rural people experience the "horrors of the world" more than urban people do, anyway? People who live in cities actually see something other than their lawn and a neighbor every day. They live with other people. They've seen violence and poverty, sickness and crime.

Rural people are religious partially because in their small, lanky towns, everyone is the same race, the same class, and the same religion. Anyone would find it difficult to be anything but a Christian in a small town that's nearly all Christian. Cities have diversity. Podunk towns do not. Serenity be damned.