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It's important to know what you like 19 5, 12:57pm

@ammali I agree with just about everything you've stated, but while it's true stereotypes are never accurate 100% of the time, they are largely derived from real-life circumstances.

Yes, there are brilliant rednecks and stupid scientists, but 95% of scientists are not stupid and 95% of rednecks are. I've travelled to 18 countries and 25 states. I've lived almost all my life in the San Francisco area, but I've also lived in a small town in rural Illinois. They are worlds apart, and the vast majority of the people in that town in Illinois are beyond idiotic. And in truth, they're just as dimwitted as the people I've met in small towns across Indiana, Georgia, Oregon, and even California. They think global warming is a hoax, border walls stop illegal immigrants, and that Super Space Daddy is watching us all from the pearly gates.

Call me bigoted, call me biased, or tell me I have a "superiority complex," but 99% of people on the "right" are just plain awful. They're conservative because they're small-minded and self-centered, and they're religious because they believe everything they're told. History has proven they're virtually always wrong as well. Sorry, not sorry.