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It's important to know what you like 19 5, 2:33pm

It is a statistical fact, that cities are more leftist and rural areas are right leaning.
and there is direct correlation between how right wing thou art and how political wise thou art, and wise versa for left wing.

That of course does not say anything against what thou just say, there are smart people in cities, but the political map from voter patterns just shows that they are a minority.
Just look at the American or British elections

the trend is clear, and it was the trend that I was talking about. There are always exceptions.
The problem with cities and the reason why they tend to float on a leftist bubble is because excess resources naturally float to them, they are unsustainable on their own.
Because they get excess resources, people in them tend to take resources for granted, they think of them as endless. They think like rabbits, like an r-selective animal.

That is the underlying biological divide, between being left wing orientated and right wing orientated. Of whether one is r-selective, or k-selective, that is whether one focuses on quantity or quality.