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It's important to know what you like 19 5, 2:50pm


That Newton example dumb, he was with all likelihood a lot smarter then everyone on this page.
Because of giants after him that build on his shoulders we as a society today have greater knowledge then they had at his time, but that is completely irrelevant.
I was talking about how smart one is about life.

A city don’t have to be diverse, that is a weakness of modern decadent western civilization, that we have allowed our cities more then any other parts of our countries to become diverse. Look at an eastern city like Tokyo that is one of the biggest in the world, that place is really not diverse, it is all Japanese, it is no different in Soul, Bangkok or any of the large cities in China, they are almost all pure mono ethnical.

Remember: diversity is a weakness. I don’t know if thou have gotten to that recognition yet, because the lie of “diversity is a strength” have been regurgitated so much politicians that wants us nothing but harm.
Unity is a strength, societies are built around their social cohesion that are directly correlated to how much its people have in common. The less people have in common with one another, the less trusting they are towards one another and the more fearful they become of strangers, because a stranger that one have a lot in common with, is much less risky to engage with then one that are completely different.

Societal unity, that which makes a group of people a nation, and how strong it is can be measured by comparing how many of these following characteristics they have in common:
Ethnicity, religion, language, history, culture, public institutions, we want people to share as many as possible, to be as united as possible. Diversity kills, and I am not being figurative here, just look at the Balkan.
Diversity + proximity = war.