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It's important to know what you like 19 5, 3:01pm


Cities in the west, of today have a lot of diversity, that is the problem, because diversity kills, literally
It is the greatest weakness a society can have. We want unity, not diversity.
Ethnicity, religion, language, history, culture, public institutions are all part of what makes a group of people a nation, the more they share, the stronger is the cultural cohersion.

Now when I say “closer to God” I in this context, might as well have said closer to nature. People that live in rural areas are more independent, they are or are close to the primary producers of goods.
Thou art familiar with the division of the economy into the primary, secondary and tertiary sector I hope?
It all starts with the primary producers, where we take the gifts of God, rich soil, minerals, sunshine, water, ect. and turn it into goods. That is why they are closer to God.

People in cities have much less concept about how the goods they enjoy are made, they take them for granted, and as such are less connected to the real world, and therefore dumber (more left leaning)