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It's important to know what you like 19 5, 7:59pm

@freeellipses "That's a study of hypothetical iq"
"State IQ was estimated from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) standardized tests for reading and math that are administered to a sample of public school children in each of the 50 states"
IQ is mostly hereditary, therefore can give at least an idea about previous generation.

"Also says nothing about high paying jobs"
Read post I was replying to.

"Also California is just one of the low ranking states, and by no means is there a pattern of urban as opposed to country iq."
Wyoming is one of the most rural states and has second least population density.

"Also I have no clue where they got their crime statistics from smh"
"This measure is drawn from the Bureau of Justice Statistics (2006) and reports violent crimes per thousand
people. It is the mean of the years 2002 through 2004."

"Why publish it on the web? "
Why not?