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It's important to know what you like 19 5, 8:38pm

yes, that is why it was dumb to even mention him, he was a great genius.
But when it comes to politics, the most correct word is properly more along something like "naive"

Leftist are incredibly naive about how the world really works (otherwise they wouldn't be leftist) but they can still be very intelligent. The problem as I said, is that cities shelter people about how the world really works. They have no connection with nature as they are at the end of a very long supply chain, (that are much more fragile than any of them think).
They are doing a job that have very little to do with actual reality. These in the cities that even do anything remotely useful, such as garbage men, still work in the tertiary service sector.
Cities simply don’t produce stuff. Ye can claim that they produce knowledge, but that is debatable.
They are a sponge that sucks up the energy of the productive countryside, without really giving anything of real substance back, and that is what allows them to float on a leftist cloud of sunshine and rainbows, not to mention more debt then makes sense in any metrics.