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It's important to know what you like 19 5, 9:28pm

'@Breuger' ,

I never claimed that there were few people living in cities. I am fully aware that they are the population centers.
I said that a city cannot sustain itself and I said that in general they are not very productive.
Cities requires a huge and constant influx of resources, and the supply chain of today, especially with the adoption of “just-in-time principles, are incredible fragile. The smallest disruption could have devastating consequences.

Production is the key to prosperity, because that is where all economic wealth comes from. The established Keynesian economist are under the delusion that wealth somehow comes from consumption, which of course puts cities over the edge in terms of wealth, but even elementary school logic can kill that myth.
Because while we can produce things even if no one is consuming them, we cannot consume things that aren’t there.
Cities have a lot of people, that gives very little back to society at large, while the rural areas have few people that carry the burden of feeding everyone.
Where does money come from?
A cornfield, a mine or a central banks printing press?

Regarding r/K selection theory it is nice to hear someone that are familiar with it.
It is indeed very applicable for humans, it is also applicable for certain other species of animals where some r-selective individuals cheat their way to the female when the species as a whole is k-selective.

A truly r-selective species like rabbits don’t have cheaters, because there simply is no one to cheat.

But it is like this: k-selective are competitive, r-selective are anti-competitive, a k-selective would rather lose with honour then cheat, for an r it is the other way around, because r’s have no concept of honour or valour.

k-selective recognises scarcity, r-selective lives in the delusion of plenty.
Cities are the breading grown of r-selevtive humans because they are places of massive consumption and little production.
r-selective humans cannot survive in the wild, that is the key, they are parasitic by nature.
And that is what leftism (socialism) is all about, taking resources from the productive elements of society and giving it to the unproductive elements, such as single mothers.

Being right, that is being liberal, (true liberal, not fake socialist in disguise liberal), is about allowing people to be free, so they can make their own lot in life.
Socialism is fundamentally evil, because it punishes people for their virtues, but it is also self-destructive. Because r-selective humans cannot survive on their own, they need a strong k-selective population to leach of.
Cities have always been where r-selective grows from, because that is where thing are safe and orderly enough for them to exist, without having to compete.

The so called conservatives in America are against birth control, due to the moral hazard that it contains. A women’s virginity are as important as her youth and beauty. It is a little like the difference between a new car and a used car.
There is also a real limit to how many resources we really need in order to be able to provide for our children. Yes there really are people in the third world that truly are destitute. But in North America and Europe no one is truly poor.
All poverty in the west can basically be traced back to a case of personal bad judgement, such as substance abuse or having children out of wedlock.
Anyone in the west that are married, with no substance abuse and with a steady job, no matter how menial, are able to provide for as many children as they can carry. They may not be able to get the newest ipod and properly have to go to second hand stores but that is not really something that decreases happiness. We don’t need most of the material goods that we enjoy, but we do need to stay together. Every child needs both a mother and a father, and it needs to be their own.