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It's important to know what you like 19 5, 11:40pm


First let me say that I am honored that thou created a post just for me, I understand what it is like to want to reply to someone that I think is incorrect.
It can be hard to reach another using only logic, but if we both remember to stay civil, and not assume that the other is less intelligent and then we can at least hope that it will be possible.

Let us start with the beginning and take thine points one at a time.
1) World war one
What caused this greatest of tragedies? Because if it is not in any way simple.
However, before we go down to the details most all wars are fought because of power, to gain it, or in order to not lose it.
The old German Kaiser, Wilhelm II, but much of his main vice was not his imperialist ambitions, but his inability to diplomatically contain France, as Bismarck had done.
It was intricate and entangled alliances that caused the war. Without these alliances the murder in Sarajevo would not have resulted in anything other than an Austrian invasion of Serbia.
I said it was not simple, because the problem was complexity, once the first domino was knocked over, the whole board was knocked over and Europe exploded.
It wasn’t nationalism that caused the war, Europe was very open before 1914, people could go practically everywhere, it was just a continent of many great powers in sharp competition.
And the old great powers of the United Kingdom and France did not like that Germany in a few short decades had transformed itself from a soft sponge to an iron wall.
The old Holy Roman Empire that Napoleon had dissolved was a joke, but the German Empire was a serious challenge, and he wanted his place in the sun.

But the one factor that truly changed the outcome of the whole war was America. It was the first major international conflict that America joined and its entry destroyed the power balance of Europe and set the stage for all future conflicts.
I made this map, where I have calculated how the war would have ended without American interference:

Woodrow Wilson, the grandfather of globalism wanted to make the world safe for democracy. That was not his duty, he had not been elected president of the world. He had one job, to keep the American democracy safe, and America was never threatened by the Kaiser, not in any way.
World war two was a direct consequence of the harsh and humiliating conditions that the Germans had to suffer under after world war one.
And the cold war was a direct consequence of world war two, in fact if not for Wilson’s bribery of the short lived Russian Republic the October revolution would have with all likelihood failed and Russia would never have fallen to communism, and it is likely that China wouldn’t either (but for another but similar reason).

The key problem here was not isolationism, but the exact opposite, that the countries were not isolationistic enough. Had every country just minded its own business, and taken care of its own and only its own, world war one would never have happened.
And had just America done that, the war would have ended in a stalemate that would have prevented any future conflict from occyring.

2) Islam
I don’t think thou know, thy profile picture says thou art Swedish, so thou properly don’t know, but Islam is Evil.
I don’t use that word lightly, it was literally made by the devil, if we are to believe what Muhammad himself said. Surah 3:54 among others identify Allah as ”the greatest of deceivers”.
But beyond the theology, we just have to look at what he did. Killed men, raped women and children. He was a ruthless conquer, not a holy man like Jesus, Buddha or Zaratustra.

And look at this video:
showing the unprecedented and proportionally violent jihads.

The word “Islam” itself is Arabic and means “submission” the “peace” that some apologist claims it means, is conditional to ones surrender to it.

Finally the jizya tax was not small and insignificant but crippling, and then we havn’t even got into the Arabic slave trade, and the other horrors that they caused.

3) Multiculturalism
Is cultural suicide.
I mentioned a list of things that together makes a group of people into a nation.
It all have to do with how much they have in common.
In general, we need the same language simply to talk to one another,
Culture is about everything that is unsaid, all of our entranced ideas and way of life
Ethnicity is about blood, of our physical ancestry that binds us together.
Religion have often served as a powerful ingroup-outgroup distinction and so on.

I linked to this video, I don’t know if thou hast seen it, it is also very insightful:

But that is what nationhood is all about, shared ideas, of being united with others over many things.

I weep for Sweden. The country have already changed so much, from the safe and peaceful nation it was just a few short decades ago.
Now it is the rape capital of Europe, and there are many places, in and around the big cities where even the police dare not go. Rinkeby comes to mind up the top of my list.
If ye don’t make a sharp u-turn, and start reclaiming your nation, there is not going to be a Sweden by 2050