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It's important to know what you like 20 5, 7:40am

@rphb Is it really diversity that kills, or is it what a regressive society tells people about diversity? I live in a city that's 18% white, 32% Asian, 30% Hispanic. We also have the lowest rate of crime per capita of any city in the U.S. over 250,000 people and we're arguably more diverse than any of the rest. Maybe because it's been very diverse for ages. Maybe it's our politics. But I suppose you're going to tell me diversity is always bad? Lack of respect for diversity comes from a lack of education; this is called stupidity.

City people get close to nature, in case you haven't noticed. Despite my city having well over a million people, there's a park every few blocks, it's surrounded by mountains, the coast is 30 minutes away, and the forests and deserts are just a couple hours.

And I'm not sure if you're aware, but people in cities know where their products come from at least as much as rural people know where their products go and what they're used for. Nevertheless, if not being familiar with where the goods you use come from is a primary indicator of stupidity, explain how "rural people" have the burden of proof for believing in a God and are always unable to come up with it. I think believing in something without concrete proof is more evidence of stupidity than someone who merely hasn't taken a moment to think about where their shit comes from. You people believe in a God because you, yourself, are unable to contemplate the scientific explanation for the things around us. And just because it's too complex for your small mind doesn't mean the reason for their existence or purpose is a fantastical myth.