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It's important to know what you like 20 5, 9:22am

@niels0827 "The religious hold the burden of proof since proving a negative is impossible"
Proof of what? That 99% of republican voters are inbred morons? Yeah, I didn't see that from you.

"I hold a much higher respect for those who designed and programmed our rockets and formulated the trajectory"
Ok, von Braun was Lutheran, eventually became evangelical Christian. Also at some point he was a Literally Nazi, though most likely due to necessity. Programming and trajectory design? Do you mean principal designers or those who did boring number crunching?

"who just sat inside a shuttle "
Shuttle. Facepalm.

"following a couple years of training"
Facepalm intensifies. Guess you won't see "The Right Stuff" until it gets a Hollywood reboot, I'm sure there will be an appropriately heavy dose of political correctness added to original material.
However that would be true if you were talking about Tereshkova. First token woman in space, huge win for diversity.

In the mean time, Buzz Aldrin oppresses women and minorities everywhere by showing that one of the few most competent people of his time is an evil Republican, is not hysterical about AGW and actually met with Pence after the election. First and only PhD that went to the Moon is guilty of such heresies as well, except for meeting with VP.

"since I'm assuming you may never have left Russia"
And I was assuming that you have a functioning brain. We all make mistakes.

"your country likes to keep you all corralled like farm animals"
"well traveled" commifornian is going to inform me on living conditions in Russia. That's hilarious.

" under the impression that the entirety of the Bay Area is overwhelmingly left-leaning"
Entirety? Not yet.