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It's important to know what you like 20 5, 9:48pm

1) Virginity
No virginity is not about contraception, it is about ethic, and it is about simple biology. It changes men but especially women to have sex, and them having just one former sexual partner drastically limits their ability to pairbond, which is the biological process needed for a marriage to work.
A successful marriage is one where the wows are not broken, where the man and the woman are faithful to each other until death.

2) Cities.
It is true that industrial centers are the home for much of the real economic activity in the world. That is where the goods from the primary producers are turned into finished products. It is the so called secondary sector.
But modern western cities aren’t the home of real economic activity. Take the Volkswagon factory in Germany as an example. It lies in the small town of Baunatal outside the minor city (200’000 people) of Kessel.
In America its former industrial capital (Detroit) is now more or less a ghost town.
The cities that are now prospering are places like New York or Los Angeles. Places that produces nothing of value. LA is the center of the American propaganda machine and NY its main finansial center.
But financialization don’t produce anything, it only makes everything worse. Banks are financial leaches. Banks don’t allocate resources, they steal resources. I don’t think thou know how banking works. Fractional reserve banking invents currency ex nihilo and then have the audacity to demand it back, with interest.
“Honorable banker” is an example of an oxymoron and the autonym to “integrity” is “bank”

3) Two economies.
There are two different economies in the world, there is the real economy that deals with stuff, and there is the fictional (or financial) economy, that deals with numbers (or imaginary concepts).

A gold coin is a type of stuff, so it can be money, a paper bill is only a claim check, so it is fictional, and numbers on a computer are even more fictional.
A society’s wealth cannot be measured by its economic activity, as much activity can be wasteful. We need to look at reality, we need to look at what is produced, not at what is consumed.
If consumption exceeds production then we have overconsumption and that is unsustainable. We need to underconsume for as long as we have overconsumed just to restore balance.
And if we drain the base, that is the gifts God have given us, such as the soil and what have been hidden in it, the future sustainable levels might be permanently lowered. In other words we might condemn our children’s children to a life of extreme hardship and suffering because we squandered the resources that we had been given by our ancestors.
The base is the most important of all, because it is the beginning of the supply chain, it is where all economic activity start.
The huge problem we have today is that the fictional economy have taken over the real economy, so that bankers and stock brokers are rich while farmers and industrialist are overindebted and broke.
That is why they are called stock brokers, they make us broke.