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It's important to know what you like 20 5, 10:29pm

1) We don’t have the burden of proof regarding God
2) God is not a phenomena he is a concept, as such the very question falls outside the realm of science that is only concerned about observable facts.

3) What city art thou talking about? And how diverse is it? Diversity is not just about race. I mentioned many criteria: Religion, culture, history, language, political institutions, ideology among others.
I happen to be an expert on this subject, specifically; it was the focus of my master thesis. I studied many different nations, in order to find out what gave them sufficient unity to stay together. Japan of course have the strong belief in the emperor that have kept the country whole even when it was mostly divided between many feudal daimyos.
But a more interesting case is actually Switzerland. Switzerland don’t have a language, it stands almost uniquely so among nations for not having a national language. But its strong national culture, public institutions and ideology makes up for it.
A nation can be diverse in one aspect but still united in others.

And if thou were to think rationally about this, thou should be able to see this, because it is axiomatically obvious that diversity, that is people that have little to nothing in common, don’t work and live as well together, as people that have a lot in common.
Because it is the things we have in common, the things we share, that connects us to each other