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It's important to know what you like 22 5, 12:17am

@niels0827 To be fair, his point about diversity isn't really wrong. Diversity is very much the antithesis of unity, and unity is the backbone of a nation. You can't judge the unity of a nation, and subsequently it's backbone, by the way it functions when in peace time. A nation needs unity when beset by crisis. The more crisis ravaging the nation, the more important unity is. (think pre-Hitler Germany kind of crisis)

And don't be mistaken; diversity IS the antithesis of unity. The less things people have in common, the less likely they are to be in unity.

A study was done that showed that diversity of community leads to these things:

• Less confidence in local government, leaders, and news
• Less political efficacy/confidence
• Less likelihood to vote
• More protests and social reform
• Less expectation of cooperation in dilemmas (= less confidence in community cohesiveness)
• Less contributions to the community • Less close friends
• Less giving to charity and volunteering
• Lower perceived happiness
• Lower perceived quality of life
• More time indoors watching TV
• More dependence on TV for entertainment
• Lowered trust in the community
• Lowered altruism
• More ethnic-based cohesion (aka, more "Racism")

There is little to no reason for advocating a diverse society. Please take note that I say "advocate it," as in, little benefit in calling for it. Not saying that system-wide discrimination should be applied to "fix" the situation, but calling diversity a strength is not exactly true.