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Hetalia Personality Swap 23 5, 7:37am

As a Hetalia and SaTW fan, I must say, the stereotypes used for Hetalia Norway and the ones used for SaTW Norway are so different! If you draw Hetalia Norway expressing behaviour similar to SaTW Norway, you realize you have just drawn Satan. If you draw SaTW expression behaviour similar to Hetalia Norway, you've once again drawn Satan. Hetalia Denmark and SaTW Denmark are pretty much the same with a huge hight difference and SaTW Denmark being a lot less innocent. Hetalia Finland expresses stereotypes more so coming from Santa Clause (Chubby, jolly, motherly) with other attributes coming from the Finnish Army. SaTW Finland has more of a monotone, vicious personality, something that would never fit well on Himaruya's Finland. SaTW Sweden has a lot more expressions, and is shorter (If not, SaTW Norway is more of a giant then we thought) then Hetalia Sweden. Then of course, Hetalia Iceland is (what I'm assuming) physically and mentally younger then SaTW Iceland. SaTW Iceland has a funner, but more vicious personality when Hetalia Iceland resembles one of those kids in high school who claim they could kill you, but would really run away if you even threatened to slap them.
Sorry for the long comment, I just thought I'd express differences for those unaware of the obvious, or those who don't know a thing about Hetalia (I'm actually pretty sure it's what inspired Humon to create this comic due to characters expressing stereotypes that Humon didn't grow up with or isn't used too)

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