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It's important to know what you like 25 5, 4:13pm

Nice to hear that even a leftist can agree that there should be less Moroccans in the Netherlands. (Moroccans have a place they can call their home, it is called Morocco).
I am not saying that it can’t be nice to go out travelling and see new and existing places and see new and exciting people, but as always there is no place like home.
Thou addresses many of the reasons for why strangeness decreases trust. But it is not just trust in others, it is also trust in ourselves, that we know what is appropriate, for instance by saying “Marry Christmas” in December under the clear conviction that everyone we meet is also celebrating Christmas.
That is one big thing, but there are a thousand miner things. Thou mentioned one of the biggest one, language. If thou don’t understand what they say that naturally leads to distrust.
But the most important one of why strangers in our society is a bad idea is because of the biological process of kin-selection.
A nation is more than just a collection of people and much more than just a state. A nation is a family, it is the tribe or the clan, taken to its logical extreme.
The nation is the justification for a state, it is what gives it legitimacy. It serves a people, not just any people, but a specific people, that call a specific piece of land, their home, in thy case, the Dutch.
Moroccans are not Dutch, Koreans are not Dutch, Somalis are most certainly not Dutch, and they will never be Dutch, not in a hundred generations.
The nation-state and its ideological foundation, nationalism, states very simply that every people have a right to a home, and to rule themselves as a sovereign people.

The ideological enemy to nationalism is called imperialism. It calls itself globalism today, but that is just the logical consequence of imperialism to become all encompassing global.
Imperialism calls for the subjugation of people, whether they want to or not. Globalism just takes it one step further, insisting that all have to be subjugated to the same empire, it don’t even recognize competing empires, and that is a sure recipe for war.