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It's important to know what you like 25 5, 4:25pm


Something is going to change, I told thee, the systemic collapse. When confidence in the system have been lost, governments will be forced to move to something that don’t require confidence, like gold and silver.
And I hope thou hast noticed that both fiat currencies and bitcoin are reliant upon confidence it is a confidence game (a con).

It didn’t work well for Greece because the situation in Greece are completely different from that of Panama.
There is nothing that can stop a third or second world country from declaring that they are simply using a stable first world countries currency, it is quite different to have a monetary union. If Greece defaulted it would strain the confidence of the entire block which created a moral hazard for Greece, making it less responsible then under its own system.
Moral hazards are very dangerous and a big part of the reason for why the system is destined to collapse.