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Living Hell 26 5, 8:49pm


Classic conspiracy theory.
You can't prove your beliefs so you claim there is a huge conspiracy to cover up the evidence you don't have.

In fact the real reason Swedish police and press don't report on criminals ethnicity is that it's not RELEVANT.
Just like a criminals sexual, political or religious preferences their ethnicity usually isn't relevant to the crime at all and is therefore not reported on.
In the few cases it actually is relevant they do report it - but mostly it isn't so they don't.

But to racists the ethnicity of criminals is of course THE ONLY THING that's EVER really relevant.
Because to them a crime committed by a white skinned person is completely unimportant as it doesn't help their propaganda. The single individual that committed that crime was just a reprehensible individual and his actions says nothing about the larger community of white skinned people, of course.

But if the criminal is dark skinned that's absolute PROOF that every single dark skinned person is a potential violent criminal and we must all ask the tough questions about what this says about ALL dark skinned people.
Clearly seeing one dark skinned person committing a crime and not being willing to accept that this incident PROVES how dangerous and criminal all other dark skinned people are is just refusing to accept fact - in the mind of the far-right.

This propaganda from the far-right is why Swedish police and press don't bring up criminals ethnicity unless it's actually important - and it usually isn't.
They don't want to fan the flames of hate preachers trying to paint all dark skinned people as latent criminals.