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It's important to know what you like 28 5, 5:06am


We are talking about two different things. Thou hast to understand what God is first.
“god” is a classification of any sufficiently powerful mythological being.
“God” is a metaphysical concept about the Absolute, the Eternal, the unmoved mover, the universal spirit. In short God is not just a powerful being, but a category all of its own, different from anything else.
And there can logically only be one.
So there are a fundamental difference between polytheistic mythologies, that revels around “gods”, and monotheistic religions that makes a claim about “God”

Thou hast to understand that anyone that talks about God talks about the same being, and any disagreements they have, are about its nature.
That is also why the two main monotheistic religions, Christendom and Islam are incompatible, they make mutually exclusive claims about God,
If Christendom is True then Islam have to be false, and wise versa.
And all believers in a religion, believes that their religion is True.

So when an atheist says that it is silly to fight over fiction, the makes the claim that God is false without even considering that their faith is different from his.

Doth thou understand this?