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Danish household 31 5, 3:38am

"I know people will now ask me to draw the different regions of their country, but I suggest you do it yourself, as you probably know the regions and the stereotypes better than I ever will."

Challenge accepted

Out in the big world he is known as Sweden, but back at home he is known as Svealand. He is the leader in the household because he has the goverment, but he does not have the biggest population out of the three. He is meticulous, organized and bossy. And in comparison with the other two he is more civilized and knowledgeable, according to himself. He likes technology, dinner parties and painting dalahorses. He often hangs out with Norway and Denmark, and he is Svealand so he have all the foreign bonds that Sweden has. And he of course also hangs out with Åland, his boyfriend, and he can also hang out with Götaland from time to time.

Götaland lives in the south and has the biggest population. He is very friendly, laid back and enjoy life. He is funny guy and likes to make jokes. However, he is seen as stingy and lazy, mainly by Svealand. He loves to relax, either on a nice grass field or on a boat. He has a ferryboat which he travels with on the Baltic sea, he often visit Åland, Finland, Estonia and Latvia. And he also visit Denmark often, but he doesn't need his ferryboat for that. Within Sweden he often hangs out with Svealand and Scania, who also lives with him.

Norrland lives in the far north and has the smallest population. She is big, strong, quiet and enjoys outdoor activities. The other's can even see her as a little slow. She sees Svealand as weak and a overreacting person. She doesn't hang out with Svealand and Götaland that often, she is rather with the Sami siblings, even though she can say some irrelevant things about them. She also hangs out with Norway because he often visit her to buy groceries or visit on holidays and Germany always pays her a visit during the winter to test his cars on her icy roads.

I hope you will find my picture of the three characters here: