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It's important to know what you like 2 6, 10:17pm


I do know that there is only one God, because unity is a necessary condition for the concept that we are talking about.
I know that there is only one God the same way that I know that every point on a circle is an equidistance from the center. I know it the same way that I know that a rectangle have four and only four corners that are all right angels and the sides runs parallel to each other. I know because of definition.
People that are talking about more “gods” are simply talking about something qualitatively different from people that talk about “God”.
“gods” are mythological creatures such as Zeus, Thor and Ra meant to explain natural pheromones like thunder and rain. It is primitive, superstitious, occult, anti-rational and anti-scientific, and it is because it is all of these things, that atheist wants to denote “God” as if it were the same thing. By not recognizing the unity of the concept they are criticizing, they are creating a strawman, rejecting Christendom on the basis of a ridiculous concept that is not only not part of the faith but that the church have actively fought against for thousands of years.