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Danish household 6 6, 7:04am

Ima do the stereotypes of the Canadian Provinces (At least, from South Alberta's Perspective)

Alberta: A rich money whoring asshole with a short temper and constantly buys big trucks. He wears a fancy blue suit with the symbol in the center being his tie and has a cowboy hat and a stick of grain in his mouth. Oh, he also wears jeans and has brown hair and wears glasses. He's very rich, at least, normally. Basically the Canadian version of Rednecks.

British Columbia: Pot-loving, Tree-hugging, Fleece-wearing hippies.

Saskatchewan: A bunch of farmers. Just farmers.

Manitoba: Quiet and rather shy and boring as not many people in Canada notice them but are very kind and hard working.

Ontario: Harried, self-important, pollution-inhaling, pampered, wanna-be-americans.

Quebec: French-loving, chain-smoking, poutine-scarfing, rude, irrationally sports-obsessed separatists.

Maritime Provinces: The hard-drinking, fish-mongering, folk-music-playing citizens of these places will probably have something to say about this, but with their ridiculous accents no one can understand them anyway.

Yukon, NWT and Nunavut: Dog-mushing, blubber-eating Inuits who live in houses that resemble portable trailers.

The Canada from SatW (aka Ottawa): ...I think you already know this one. XD