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Living Hell 10 6, 4:28pm

@Nisse_Hult It is relevant, aren't we just discussing it? Of course it's relevant. Then why to they keep track of male/female perpetrators? How is that any more relevant? That's really sexist of you, you know.

It is very relevant, and didn't some police district in Sweden ask people not to describe perpetrators by their ethnicity? How isn't the ethnicity relevant to catch a perpetrator?

No, the fact that a crime is committed by a dark skinned person doesn't mean everyone is a potential criminal. Just like a man committing a crime doesn't mean every man is a potential criminal, or a female doesn't mean every human. It simply means a dark skinned person committed a crime.

However, you can map out where dark skinned, whites and others live, in what environments, what schools they attend and so on. And if you report ethnicity you know easier where to focus your energy, you can detect where things have gone wrong, try to adjust or correct them. If group A commit 1 crime for every 100 000 group member, and group B commit 1000 crimes for every 100 000 group members. Where is to most beneficial for society as a whole to focus your energy to lower the crime rate?