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Living Hell 11 6, 7:25am


The fact that I'm disputing your nonsense doesn't make your nonsense relevant.
That's like claiming that any conspiracy theory is relevant whenever someone disputes the theory, which is obviously nonsense.
"Ha, ha - you said the moon landings DID happen - that proves my theory they didn't is now much more relevant!"

Biological gender is a difference that's actually statistically relevant since there are prove scientifically differences between males and females. Now you might believe there are scientifically proven differences between different ethnicities as well - but that's actually just racism and not based in actual science.

"How isn't the ethnicity relevant to catch a perpetrator? "

It can sometimes be relevant in CATCHING the perpetrator of a crime, yes - and as I said, if so it is reported.
But in the vast majority of cases this is not the case as police only need to state a suspects ethnicity in the few cases where they actively seek the publics help in catching someone - and in the vast majority of all criminal cases the police of course DON'T want to involve the public, but handles the matter themselves.

Instead racists demands are that statistics over committed crimes should include the ethnicity of convicted criminals. This has absolutely nothing to do with catching anyone as putting out statistics of convicted criminals have nothing to do with them being caught many months before the statistics are put out. Instead the only reason they are demanding that is that they want to cherry-pick crimes committed by immigrant to smear the entire collective of immigrants.

"And if you report ethnicity you know easier where to focus your energy, you can detect where things have gone wrong, try to adjust or correct them."
"Where is to most beneficial for society as a whole to focus your energy to lower the crime rate?"

Ok then, by that rational the vast majority of all policing effort should go towards policing:

A) Men, as males overwhelmingly commit all crimes in every society in the world
B) Ethnic Swedes, as they commit the overwhelming majority of all crimes in Sweden of course

We know these two facts to be true already - even without any statistics on the ethnicity of criminals - so if you actually meant what you claimed there is no need for any such statistics.

But since your ACTUAL intent here is not actually to decrease crime, but to attack immigrants, you won't accept these basic facts of course.

Criminologist - who are the experts actually working on these issues - have long said that crime DOES NOT follow ethnic lines - it follows class lines. Poorer people commit more petty crimes and more violent types of crime while richer people commit less violent crime but the majority of what's called "white collar crime" like insider trading or tax evasion.
None of this is new or controversial - we've know this for decades.
It's just that nowadays we have virulently racist right-wing groups that spread this propaganda about immigrants committing crime linking it to their ethnicity, and unfortunately young men like you believe this shit.

But it's not true - we already know that through scientific research. That you haven't studied criminology or read enough to understand that doesn't change that fact. And me telling you your prejudices are wrong doesn't make them any more relevant, just because I talk about them.

Now you can either believe what I say, read up on this matter and see for yourself that what I'm telling you is the truth - or you can refuse to do either and just stick to the prejudice you have that you have no proof for what so ever.