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Living Hell 17 6, 12:44am

@Nisse_Hult There are biological difference between the ethnicitys. There are difference in [average] intelligence between the different ethnicitys. According to you forensic anthropologists shouldn't be scientifically possible, yet it is.

Police does mainly focus on males. They do suspect men more often without knowing anything about the perpetrator.

They do focus most of their energy on Swedish men... Because there are WAY, WAY more of them.

Yet, if you're a place where there are 50% Swedish men, and 50% non-western immigrants, the probability in Sweden that a perpetrator is from the 50% non-western immigrant pool, is WAY, WAY higher then them being from the 50% Swedish pool, that's why they should be profiled, because it helps solve crime, it is efficient, faster, and save tax-payers money. How do you know understand this extremely simple statistics exercise?