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It's important to know what you like 18 6, 11:28pm

You are once again drifting away from the discussion. It has nothign to do with agreeing on a definition, it has to do with showing proof of your assertion.

Why are you suddenly talking about atheism? I am pretty sure, that I already said multiple times: You can not disprove or prove that God(s) exist; therefore it, there is no reason to act as if you know whether such a thing(s) exist.
Stop using silly verses and stop trash talking each other.
If you believe in something, but can not proof it, fine, that is just fine! But stop acting as if you have some supernatural knowledge of something that you can not show any proof of.
If you do not beleive in something, but can not proof that it isn't there, it's just fine! But stop acting as if you know everyone else is an idiot, when you can not proof that something isn't there.

You see how that works? Keep the boring and unnecassary crap out of here. This has to do with THE BURDEN OF PROOF.

If I say I have a hot dog - you don't believe me; I need to proof that I have the hot dog, which if I have it, should be rather easy.