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It's important to know what you like 20 6, 4:26am

@niels0827 "There is no majesty or beauty in their cornfields"

There's an organization here in Ames, Iowa called "Food at First". It's a free meal, open to anyone, no questions asked. They get all kinds; college kids looking for free food, folks on hard times who could use a meal to stretch their budgets, lonely shut-ins looking for company, and everything in between.

A local farmer donates a few acres of corn every year so that Food at First can stretch their food-buying budget.

You urbanites find it so easy to say "water is life" when you see pictures of Native folks yelling the way you do. I find it easy too, because I know they are yelling because it will help them save their livelihoods. I find it just as easy to say "food is life" when I see "podunk" parents going hungry silently, because they have no options to fight for their food, because their serenity is free, and because it helps their children live through the night, and that hope in the future will save their livelihoods just as surely as the revolutions of the Sioux.

Diversity be damned: life is about how we respond to suffering, and everything, everything, everything else is tangential to that.