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It's important to know what you like 20 6, 4:45am

"...and therefore dumber (more left leaning)"

Is that so? They are richer, but they appreciate their wealth less, so their desire to give their wealth away to those who would better-appreciated it... that is indicative of stupidity?

If urbanites are as stupid and unthinking as you say they are, what damage is it to tax them for the sake of restoring to health those who've been injured by the real world? If urbanites are as stupid and unthinking as you say they are, what damage is it to tax them for the sake of creating the public and cultural institutions that make a group of people into a nation?

You say that people in rural areas are more independent, but I have no idea how or why. I grew up in a "town" that was an unbroken, even distribution of rural areas that just happened to have been conglomerated together under its own authority. Fewer people were distributed across our random stretch of country than were gathered into my college intro biology class, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the people in my college intro biology class were far more "independent" than anyone in my hometown; for their only "dependence" was on social infrastructure, on systems freely available to all; whereas in my hometown, life depended on the interdependence of people with each other, on social networks that were not available to all, and therefore distributed their fruits not from a pure meritocratic standpoint, but from mere nepotistic happenstance of access. Success in my hometown depended on being born in to a rich and happy family and doing whatever they demanded so that you could keep yourself there; only the urbanite could afford to forgo such connections and truly do it according to their own true principles.

It is this *interdependence* that characterizes those who are close to the primary producers of goods. To be a true child with God, you must start by recognizing your dependence on His gifts and be attuned to what He tells you about them; that if you do not respect them, He will take them away, but that if you return to them and to Him what is just, that then, always then, and only then will He continue to richly reward you.

Say what you like about right-wing "independence" being the only true intelligent way of understanding the real world; I will continue in the Lutheran theology that I was taught: that humility is as salutary as it is needful.