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Language Lesson 20 7, 7:27am

I only read through 5pages of comments so I'm not sure if anyone else has tried this,
but you can enter the name of the dessert into google translate (Rødgrød Med Fløde)
and listen to it pronounced.

Swedish & Finish were the easiest for me (an exclusively american-english speaker) to parse...
It's not that the words were familiar to english at all, but I could
easily detect the breaks between words. Of the two, Finnish seemed harsher.. rougher.
I do hear the "singing" quality of Norweigian ... it feels a little "softer" than Danish to me..
Danish was the most difficult to follow but I consider it more beautiful than the other languages...
the vocal equivalent of cursive writing instead of printing letters... it flows and feels more expressive.

I have to try out a receipe for Danish berry pudding now!

Mange Tak Humon